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Hot wheels!Hot wheels!

Hot wheels!Tightest parallel parking and donut drift records broken in spectacular style in ChinaWatch video here

Having the slime of their life!Having the slime of their life!

Having the slime of their life!Thousands of boys and girls were saturated by a storm of green slime when they broke a world record.

World's largest whoopee cushionWorld's largest whoopee cushion

World's largest whoopee cushionIn a TV studio in New Zealand's Christchurch somebody was kicking up a really big stink.

The fastest dog on two paws!The fastest dog on two paws!

The fastest dog on two paws!Record-breaking dog Jiff is the first reveal from Guinness World Records™ 60th Anniversary EditionWatch video here

Most Christmas lights on a house!Most Christmas lights on a house!

Most Christmas lights on a house!Guinness World Records kicked off its Christmas celebrations with the switching on of the most lights on a house - over half a million of them!

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