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Longest TV Interview: A challenging chat


Tim Shadbolt utilised a record-breaking attempt to prove to the viewing public that he is, in fact, one of the world's greatest story tellers.

Now mayor of Invercargill, a town in the far south of New Zealand's South Island, Tim has had what can certainly be described as a colourful history. He has been in prison twice, arrested 33 times, once considered taking the life of his stepfather and lived and worked in a hippy commune. His life provided more than enough conversation to break the previous Longest TV Interview record of 24 hours.

"As there were plenty of witnesses on hand, including the viewing audience, I only had to be at the attempt for a total of about five hours," say Chris Sheedy, Australia/NZ representative of Guinness World Records. "But I ended up staying for around 20 hours. I couldn't pull myself away. It was utterly mesmerising."

Tom Conroy was the interviewer, whose preparation for the attempt included months of research into the life of Tim Shadbolt. Tom is the owner and managing director of CUE Television. The interview began just after midday on Saturday, April 28, 2012 and ended just after 2pm on the Sunday. The event also raised money for the St John Ambulance charity.

The world record for longest TV interview, after Tim and Tom's terrific verbal tango, now stands at 26 hours and 4 seconds.

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