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Australia Smashes Guinness World Records Day!


When on the same day 28 women cram into a Mini in London, a group of sweet-toothed Italians in Bologna create the world's largest chocolate coin (over 650 kilograms) and a man runs 100 metres on hands and feet in just 17.47 seconds in Tokyo, you know it must be Guinness World Records Day.

So what is Guinness World Records Day? Almost a decade ago a group of record breakers approached Guinness World Records and asked if we would mind organising an annual day on which they could collectively break records. The date we chose commemorated the period in late 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world's bestselling copyright book - mid November.

November 15 this year - the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day - was Australia's most successful so far. And the first record that fell was fittingly iconic. Guinness World Records travelled to Scone in rural NSW to witness 15-year-old schoolboy Lachlan Phelps break the record for Longest Note On A Didgeridoo.

The record he hoped to break stood at 60 seconds and involved a long note blown with just a single breath. Lachlan's nostrils were stuffed with tissue in order to ensure circular breathing was not possible and after seven attempts he finally cracked the 60-second mark with a time of 65.66 seconds.

Next we headed off to Sydney to watch Australia's two most prolific record breakers, Chayne Hultgren (pic above with GWR's Chris Sheedy) and Anthony Kelly, add to their already impressive lists of records. Chayne, aka the 'Space Cowboy', knocked off the record for Most Swords Swallowed Whilst Juggling as he juggled three axes for the requisite 10 seconds with an unbelievable 18 swords down his throat!

Anthony put his martial arts skills to good use by smashing the record for Most Targets Hit With A Blowgun (60 Seconds). The original record was 17 but Anthony shot darts into 23 targets before time was up.

TV star Steve Jacobs from TODAY struggled through agony to regain his old record for Most Underpants Worn At Once. His last attempt had won a new record with 247 pairs, then American Janine Keblish slipped past him with 249 pairs. The record is now back in Australia as Steve's bottom definitely did look big in 266 pairs of underpants.

Finally, late in the day, Chayne Hultgren opened his throat once again to set a new record for Most Sword Swallows In Three Minutes. He managed to swallow a sword 10 times during the period.

It was a big day of record breaking in Australia and with no failures was also a clean, 100 per cent success rate. We can't wait to see which records pop up for the breaking on Guinness World Records Day next year!

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